Word art designs printed on canvas

Word art designs printed on canvas featuring your simple list of 20 - 50 words. Completely random, artistic and unique. The perfect personalised gift idea for anybody or occasion.

Words on canvas

Word list for word art canvas printPlace your order and give us a list of 20 to 50 words. Start with your most important word, usually a person's name.

List other great words and keep each point to 3 words or less. Use lots of single words for best effect.

Word art design

Letter initial word art canvas print multi colouredYour important first word is made prominent in the design just once.

Your other words are randomly displayed, repeated and rotated in three different fonts and various shades of colour.

Sample before print

1st birthday word art design printed on canvasWe generate your design and email it to you for approval. We aim to do this within 24 hours.

Word art is randomly generated with just a hint of influence from an experienced word art designer.

One last thing

Heart shaped word art canvas print greyYou can send us your list during checkout in the 'Notes' section. You can also send them separately before or after your order by email to -


Personalised word art printed on canvas

How to order a Word art canvas

Choose a design and send us a list of words. Your designer quickly creates a proof and emails it to you for approval.

Assisted ordering

Imagine one designer taking care of your order all the way to delivery. Fast email replies and sample before print. We design it for you.

Product specification

All word arts are printed on cotton canvas using lifetime inks. Satin varnished and traditionally box framed. Supplied wall ready.

Payment and delivery

Pay securely online using Paypal. Choose 48 hour courier or collect from our store. Deliveries are tracked & insured.